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the game life play the game now. but the game in the future it will be a real game.

life expansion packs

a new expansion pack beta called "life doubled life" i thinking off having features like exploring life vally island.

the new expansion pack called ' life adventures' allows your sim to go anywhere of the life vally
expansion packs:
life entertaning
life is better
life season
life smarts
life double life-(beta)
life creater

life 2 expansion packs

so far there is no expansion packs for this game but later.

new website uodated

 this website will be updated with my offical games check developing games at

new game coming soon

life 2 is coming son it can let you now create a sim or even a family or even a family tree you play just a sim now you can play as every one

wwe game

a new wwe game coming out